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Protect your web application investment
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In today’s fast changing and highly competitive market, companies of all sizes are investing in achieving higher levels of efficiency. This is done by introducing new software solutions that automate key business processes. It is the performance, scalability and robustness of these newly introduced systems that define the overall performance of the automated business.

Applications with performance issues will undoubtedly cause less efficient use of company resources, limited productivity and might even lead to loss of business. Therefore, introducing new business critical solutions should be properly planned and the risk evaluated on time.

PSTech offers independent Performance Testing Services to help you in assessing the risk of migration of your business processes to new and efficient software solutions. We are using proven methodologies to precisely measure behavior of application and supporting infrastructure while simulating the real life usage load. This enables us to evaluate major performance categories of your web based business critical systems: speed, scalability and robustness.

To do this, we use proprietary load testing technology, highly flexible lab facilities, our proven methodologies and our international expertise.

Why Performance Testing?

Performance testing of your business critical systems provides answers to the following questions you have asked yourslef for a number of times:

  • How fast your system really is?
  • How many users can it support?
  • Will it break under load and when?

Who Can Benefit?


Enterprises deploying internal corporate wide applications to automate internal business processes, end-to-end.

Online business applications and portals that are automating business conduction by using the internet.

Software providers looking into ways to increase quality of their software and reduce time to market while staying focused on their core development process.

Solution providers and system integrators that want to prove to their valuable clients the quality of their integrated solutions through an independent performance audit.

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Service Description

Our performance testing project has the following phases:

  • Test planning – getting to know the application, business logic, infrastructure, user requirements and their typical interraction with the system
  • Script development – standard use cases are turned into scripted scenarios that virtual users will execute during the test
  • Test set-up – to configure all data capturing mechanisms and load generation agents
  • Test execution – this is when the load is generated by simulating virtually unlimited number of users that access the system and log performance metrics of that interraction
  • Data analysis – recorded data is analyzed together with application behaviour to validate the proper execution of the test before creating the report
  • Report delivery – detailed report is created that summarizes most important performance metrics together with qualitative and quantitative description of the findings. Report is presented and discussed in detail together with potential places for improvement.

Service Levels

Depending on the type of the project and your involvement in the product lifecycle, PSTech is able to offer 4 levels of service:

Performance Testing Service Levels

Performance Monitoring – 24x7 monitoring of application performance and server resources usage over a longer period of time. Used for deployed systems to continuously insure positive user experience and to react instantly when performance is not meeting predefined criteria.

Performance Audit – Performing the audit of the new application provided to you by the third party vendor. We provide independent and objective assessment of whether the application meets predefined performance requirements.

Performance Testing – We are testing application to determine its current performance. We are gathering the information on the current performance and not placing judgment on our findings.

Performance Engineering – Your application is tested and tuned with the intent of realizing the required performance. We work together with you to help you optimize the most important application performance metrics and user experience.

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Benefits and ROI

Performance testing is not an investment but your insurance policy. Cost of performance testing usually comes up to 2.5% of the total cost of development. Research has shown that fixing poorly performing applications that are already in production costs 10 times more, if they can be fixed at all!

Depending on the type of business and size of the project you can save up to 85% for one time performance audit compared to doing it on your own. Your savings come from eliminating the need to invest in expensive testing tools, hardware, staff and their training.

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Why PSTech

PSTech will help you protect your ICT investment and will build confidence by showing how your application will perform on the go-live day and any other day. Our advantages are:

  • Proven methodology and know-how
  • Our own testing technology
  • Highly qualified and experienced engineers
  • Cost efficiency
  • Dedicated test lab facilities for on-site and off-site testing
  • Satisfied international customers


  • Cisco Systems, USA
  • Hypo Alpe Adria Bank, Serbia
  • Pointecast, USA
  • Wanadu, USA

Service Options

There are multiple factors that determine the scope of the work on a project. Following are parameters that have to be defined prior to estimating the scope of the work and engineering effort on a project:

  • Load – number of virtual users that will be using the application under test;
  • Use Cases and Unique Pages – that will be turned into automated scenarios and scripted. The more use cases and unique page requests are required, the more complex the project is;
  • Report Level - level of details provided in the report. Standard reports are usually enough, but for some project more in-depth analysis is needed;
  • Test Cycles – number of times performance tests will be executed;
  • Tests Types – types of tests to be executed, like: Speed Test, Load Test, Stress Test, Limited Bandwidth Test, Scalability Test, Longevity Test, etc.

Typical Issues

Following is the list of typical issues that we detect in our performance testing projects:

  • Broken application logic
  • Slow performing actions and pages
  • Insufficient server capacity
  • Load balancing issues
  • Database pool sizing issues
  • Bandwidth issues

Case Study

A leading regional bank needed to ensure that the new teller system deployed throughout all branches will be able to support the daily business. PSTech developed a robust test methodology that supported complex usage scenarios and data processing, secure protocols, distributed server farm integrated with sophisticated infrastructure.

Our execution in engagement resulted in:

  • Average page response speed profile reduced by 30%
  • Workload throughput increased by 40%
  • Dramatically decreased percentage of functional errors during high load, by 10 times
  • Increased supported number of users by 30%
  • Increased workload capacity (requests per second) by 250%

Download the Customer Success Story.


PSTech offers complete, professional and cost efficient performance testing services. We use proven methodology, latest technology and experienced staff to help you protect your ICT investments by being able to understand how your new application will perform on the go-live day and any other day, and whether it will scale to support the growth of your business in the future.


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