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The need to increase a company’s business efficiency through simple and centralized entry and display of data, reports for management, the European way of doing business, etc. requires the introduction of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), i.e. a solution that covers all business processes of the company.

PSTech ERP is a business solution for small and medium size enterprises, fully adapted to local laws and regulations. It can be seen as a generic information system, which has functionalities common to all companies pre-developed, and which can be further customized to your specific needs. By having common functionalities pre-developed and ready for immediate use, the cost and time required for the development and implementation of an IT system in the company are significantly reduced..

PSTech ERP is based on Openbravo ERP, the world's leading web-oriented open source ERP system, which provides a modern and cost effective solution available to companies around the world. The big advantage over similar products is that there is no need for software installation on each workstation – it is sufficient to have a web browser (such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.). Unlike most other ERP systems today, there are no licenses and restrictions like limited number of users – once the system is installed, unlimited number of new employees can be registered free of charge.

Companies that have their own retail network will find the special value in the integration of PSTech ERP with POS (Point of Sale) application. POS itself represents a smaller information system that should be installed separately in each retail store. It not only fully covers the entire business operations of a retail store, but also provides automatic data synchronization with PSTech ERP. In this way the centralized monitoring of the entire retail network is provided.

PSTech ERP solutions ensure that all relevant information about your company, documents, customer information etc. is protected within the system. It allows you to track inventory, movement of goods between warehouses, monitoring of sales and warehouse staff, monitoring of goods shipments, invoices, statements, price history, history of customer’s transactions, reports generation by specific sectors, retailers, warehouses and much more.

PSTech also offers consulting, analysis, design, implementation and support for Openbravo ERP systems.

The comprehensive ERP solution that PSTech has to offer covers the following modules:

  1. 1. Management of basic data - code lists items and business partners, price lists,

  2. 2. Financial management

  3. 3. Warehouse management

  4. 4. Procurement of goods and materials

  5. 5. Wholesale

  6. 6. Retail & POS

  7. 7. Project management

  8. 8. Production management

  9. 9. MRP

  10. 10. HR

  11. 11. BI reports

PSTech ERP is designed in a way that makes it possible to install only those modules that are necessary for the company at a time. If needed, it is fairly simple to later add new modules to the already implemented system.

Recognizing the needs of the domestic market, we have put together basic solutions for wholesale and retail companies by extracting only the modules that are essential for a quick start of PSTech ERP system usage. Also, we have prepared a specialized solution for the textile industry (PSTextil). More information on this can be found on separate pages:

PSTech ERP Solution for wholesale

PSTech ERP Solution for retail


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