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SugarCRM Connector for Cisco IP Telephony V 1.3

Let SugarCRM manage all your calls

SugarCRM Connector for Cisco IP Telephony provides Cisco IP Telephony users with additional rich features in communication with their customers, leads and contacts.


Fantastic product! Their server-side software was easy to install, and configuration was straight forward. Their support team helped us with several necessary enhancements that made it even better for our teams workflow.
DJ Roy, Systems Engineer


Featured on SugarExchange

About 6 months in production with 25 licenses of Sugar connector. Works well, new release will solve some minor issues regarding soft phones. Every call now is activity that is automatically noticed. Our users liked the fact that now calling a client is just click away.
Srdjan Rasulic, IT Manager

We have deployed a mission critical SugarCRM-Cisco Telephony call center for Singapore-based education provider and we get great support from the PSTech team to make sure things are in place and running smoothly.
Benny Ng, Co-Founder


Five out of five stars. Integrates very well with SugarCRM.
Goran Lepešić, Systems Engineer