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Guard Tour KontObez

PSTech new version of KontObez is the total solution for your guard tour operation. KontObez is designed to ensure that guards can prove exactly when and specifically where and what they inspected at location, which improves the quality of services. KontObez is a computerized guard-tour management system that eliminates paperwork and increases productivity.

Officers use portable data collection devices to document all security checkpoints visited. The date, time, and location of each checkpoint are recorded simply by touching an iButton. The system uses rugged data collection hardware and powerful yet easy-to-use software.

KontObez is one of the easiest packages to use and has been designed specifically for the security industry.

Besides controlling guard tour, using KontObez you can control the working process of staff, process or equipment. With this touch, the date, time, user's name, location, Wand and Button serial numbers being checked are registered and held in the wand's memory. PSTech can offer solutions and complete system for any kind of controlling working process.

The equipment that we are offering are solid, contain no battery and withstand extreme weather, temperature and electro-magnetic forces. The user touches the ButtonWand to each button located at checkpoints on the tour.


  • “Infostan’
  • “Dunav” Company – insurance company
  • “DIF” – Sport Center
  • “Srbolek” Company – drug wholesaler
  • “Centrotextil”


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