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PSTech offers complete fixed asset tracking solutions that will help prevent loss, greatly reduce time spent looking for items and conducting asset inventories. OSKoUp enable you to:

Performance Testing Service Levels

  • Know exactly what you have, who has it and where it is
  • Quickly conduct asset audits using portable data collectors
  • Easily generate your own asset tags


An asset tracking solution has several components:

  • the asset tracking software,
  • the barcode label,
  • the scanning device and
  • thermal/thermal transfer printers

The core of our asset tracking solutions is the OSPopis software suite. OSPopis is a comprehensive, ready-to-use asset tracking solution for any business that needs to take control of its assets. Combined with a scanner-capable portable data collector and pre-printed or custom barcode labels, OSPopis can simplify your asset management task and increase efficiency.

Here follows the list of company that successfully managed their asset control with OSPopis solution for more than 7 years:

  • Uprava za zajedničke poslove republičkih organa R Srbije
  • Vlada Republike Srbije
  • Skupština Republike Srbije
  • Predsedništvo Republike Srbije
  • Zgrade u vlasništvu Republike Srbije na teritoriji cele Srbije ( 29 okruga)
  • JP Elektroprivreda Srbije
  • Republički Hidrometeorološki zavod Srbije
  • JP Aerodrom "Nikola Tesla" Beograd
  • JP Skijališta Srbije
  • Ministarstvo trgovine i usluga
  • Ministarstvo za nacionalni investicioni plan
  • Ministarstvo prosvete
  • Ministarstvo za nauku i zaštite životne sredine
  • Ministarstvo rada i socijalne politike
  • Poverenik za informacije od javnog značaja, Beograd
  • Vlada R Srbije - Avio služba
  • Republička agencija za telekomunikacije RATEL
  • British American Tobco – BAT Beograd
  • Duvanska industrija Vranje - DIV
  • British Council, Beograd
  • Louis Berger S.A./Belgrade Office
  • Magic Box, Novi Sad
  • Univerzal Novi Sad


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