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Test Your Applications Just as Your Clients Do.

Performance Testing Tool & Services


Why testing application performances?

Working in environment of sophisticated information technologies more often than not means that we rely and depend on software applications to do our best. Knowing their limits, expanding their boundaries, providing similar yet always improved functionality and doing it all in real-time becomes paramount today. We call it question of capability to adopt applications for ever-changing, fast pacing requirements of daily business, driven both by customers and employees. And there is only one way to learn what they are experiencing: to test applications just as they do.

What is LoadXpert?

LoadXpert IDE

PSTech provides unique package of performance testing tool and services branded as LoadXpert. Enabling various capabilities in software performance testing and Web Applications segment, LoadXpert empowers our clients to evaluate and optimize their IT infrastructure regardless of their core business or capacity. LoadXpert supports clients and testing experts – as well as their customers – with support for most widely used Web GUI protocols, such as: HTTP/SXML, SSH and FTP, and the tool is customizable to support other proprietary protocols based on the client libraries, as well as with unlimited number of virtual users (VU) per system.

LoadXpert emulates production workload of large number of concurrent users, automatically performs the analysis of the response data and can be used for monitoring servers that run applications in real time. It is a scalable system consisted of integrated development environment application, server performance monitoring tool and a load generating client-server based application with variable number of load generating machines as clients controlled by a task-dispatching server. With functionalities such as easy to use script recording process, ability to integrate with and control other testing tools, flexible and simple load design wizard and server performance monitoring system, LoadXpert delivers proven tool capabilities for performance testing of Web Applications.

Why LoadXpert?

LoadXpert Load Tool

Using LoadXpert, our clients can design real-world usage scenarios that cover all key business processes and transactions within their application, emulate the network traffic users are creating and thus stress an application from end to end in a controllable, measurable and repeatable way. Once tested, response data received from the target application is automatically analyzed to determine the application usage behavior during the test.

Along with workload generation, LoadXpert provides detailed real-time information about all aspects of application tested by monitoring underlying hardware and software servers that are driving it, even under production conditions. In that way LoadXpert can monitor both Windows and Linux systems and network counters as well as other performance counters available on those platforms.

For whom is LoadXpert?

LoadXpert Performance monitor

LoadXpert can be delivered as the performance testing tool to small and medium businesses as well as enterprise business oriented clients, ready to be implemented into their infrastructure providing core information via via automated summary reports in just a few clicks, with an export capabilities in .pdf, HTM, .xls or .zip. Whether used by non-IT company searching for ways to improve their software output by internal IT department or by an IT company without testing capabilities and interested in self-testing and product evaluation, we can provide our software with licenses on value based pricelist, with online training and various options and discounts.

We specially recommend LoadXpert to IT companies with performance testing as their core business offering them quantity based and loyalty empowered pricelist and discounts endorsed by country and/or regional multi-year contracts.

Additionally, we offer LoadXpert as an integral part of our performance testing services enabling small, medium and enterprise companies to not only evaluate and optimize their infrastructure, but also to enhance their business processes by our on-site services.

Customer Success Story


Hypo Alpe-Adria-Bank a.d. Beograd has been conducting business in Serbia since 2002. as a part of the Hypo Alpe-Adria-Bank International, the most successful regional bank in Alpe Adriatic region. Today it’s among top 5 most important financial institutions in Serbia, present in all large industrial centers, enabling orientation towards long term investment financing with its stability and significant financial potential which has positioned Hypo Alpe-Adria-Bank a. d. Beograd as one of the most important banks in development of Serbian economy. Challenge Hypo Alpe-Adria–Bank a.d. Beograd needed to implement their all new front end system that should be deployed throughout all branches in Serbia. New system needed to support daily business of all branches in the country and it needed to be capable of handling large amount of simultaneous online users. Mission critical for the Bank was to have a strong, robust and reliable application that can cope well with great workload on a daily bases. The Bank needed to test the bandwidth of their system before it went live for daily usage. PSTech has provided the Bank with an effective and reliable solution.

PSTech Solution

By using LoadXpert performance testing tool, PSTech developed a solution implementing a robust test methodology supplied by LoadXpert tool, that supports complex usage scenarios and data processing, secure protocols, distributed server farm integrated with sophisticated infrastructure. That solution was able to successfully generate application load on demand by emulating workload of real life bank tellers and managers with a virtual user technology implemented in LoadXpert tool. After several rounds of testing, critical issues were discovered that needed extra attention, which in the end resulted with a greatly improved application response time and increased capacity to handle hundreds of users. Along with metric analysis of the application response under load, LoadXpert has also pinpointed bottleneck areas within application and its test bed that needed to be improved before going live. Information like that was very valuable since it unveils possible issues before they happen in the real world.


Our execution in engagement resulted in:

  • Average page response time reduced by 30%
  • Workload throughput increased by 40%
  • Dramatically decreased percentage of functional errors during high load, by 10 times
  • Increased supported number of users by 30%
  • Increased workload capacity (requests per second) by 250%

Customer Quote:

“The implementation of new frond end system was of crucial importance for future development of our bank. We wanted to make sure that all aspects of the delivered solution are functioning according to ambitious specifications. In order to do this we had two options. Our first option was to buy expensive test tools and to make huge investments in human resources in terms of new recruitments and trainings. The other option was to outsource performance, stress and load testing. Since we are financial institution and not IT company, we decided to go with the second option, but not only because we wanted to avoid huge investments in something that is not part of our core business, but also because of expert know-how that we expected from our outsourcing partner. We decided to go with PSTech and they showed level of professionalism and expertise much beyond our expectations. With help of PSTech we improved all of our critical parameters. During the project, they were not only performing tests, they were also consulting us by proposing solutions for improvement. For the future projects of this kind PSTech will be first support to think of.”

Jelena Kozic,
Project Manager and Head of Product Management Department,
Retail Sector, Hypo Alpe Adria Bank Beograd


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