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TAM & PSTech Business Inkubator – Company Development Program

PSTech, along with Bolton Trust Organization from Ireland and Docklands Innovation Park from Dublin, with support of TAM program by European bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), started the Business Incubator – company development program.

PSTech is a young, experienced and one of the leading companies in the ICT sector, positioned at Novi Beograd, and employing over 110 engineers.
As a socaly responcible company, PSTech had initiated a 12-month support and incubation program designed to provide expertize, contacts network and tools needed for development of a successful global entrepreneurship to entrepreneurs with knowledge and technology based business ideas.
PProgram is supported by BAS program, stationed in Belgrade, who has provided participation of local consultants for performing mentorship program, legal framework workshop for founding and managing companies and finance handling.

In Tuesday, November 9th 2010, PSTech hosted an evening of presentations and award giving to the most successful Business Incubator attendants. Goran Stevanović, company’s COO, presented the forming of the idea for the Business Incubator, and getting support by the European bank for Reconstruction and Development and TAM/BAS program.

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Olivera Popović, Deputy Director and Business Incubator Coordinator, stated her satisfaction regarding the program goals reached, and its contribution to entrepreneurship development in Serbia. She congratulated to all participants, both attendants and lecturers and mentors for their support and energy invested.

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Cairin O'Connor, Senior Consultant of the TAM team, recommended that PSTech, lecturers, mentors and all participants of the project should continue to support and build the social network to both help start-up programs and develop consciousness about entrepreneurship importance in Serbia. She also congratulated to all attendants, along with PSTech for program success.

Mr. Dejan Trifunović, The Small and Medium Business Board in Serbia Chamber of Commerce, presented the data about incubation programs started by state institutions in Serbia, and commended PSTech as the first private held company realizing such a program, trough initiative for forming a Board work group for business incubation area.

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Branka Radovanović, PSTech Director, awarded two companies – attendants of Business Incubator program:

  • MA.rs and
  • Sword & Honor.
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Both companies were provided with a voucher for Google Ad words, to advertise their business and a 3-day trip to Dublin.
MA.rs is a company that deals in mobile marketing solutions. www.ma.rs

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Sword & Honor is a company working on browser-based games based on mythology and history of Balkan.

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PSTech owes its thanks for program support trough series of free lectures about business experiences and expertizes based on market research, intellectual property protection, investments, to the following companiesa:

For more information, please contact Olivera Popović at: Ova adresa el. pošte zaštićena je od spam napada, treba omogućiti JavaSkript da biste je videli