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Document management is a prerequisite for the efficient organization of any successful company. Regardless of category, size, number of employees or type of business activities, ownership and operation of information is crucial for efficient performance of the core business of the company. 

Document management involves filing, sorting and organizing documents in the database. Automated document management system can save your company a year and up to 150 hours of work! 

In this we ask that every employee, client or accountant may have a special profile of users with defined access rights - thus avoiding the possibility that all users see all the documents, and within this profile will be placed all the information needed for mutual cooperation. 

Search by various criteria (name, description of contents, date created, text, author, category), increased control over documents, versioning and workflow tracking and security of data and information are the main advantages of automated records system. 

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is a combination of technologies, strategies, methods and tools used to collect, control, the stored, preserved and handed over to the use of electronic content and documents related to an organization and its business. 

ECM - according to the method of controlling documents has identified five components of the system: 

  • Document Management System (DMS) - a computer system that is used to store electronic documents and / or images of paper documents.
  • Collaboration software - system of cooperation and organization of the teams working on the same set of documents
  • Web Content Management (WCM) - managing Web sites and view documents on the web
  • Records management (RM) - systems for storage and archiving of long-term storage media
  • Workflow / Business Process Management (BPM) - system for managing business processes

Alfresco is the leading Open Source ECM, easy to use, compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac platform. 

Alfresco DMS allows you to organize and facilitate cooperation in the creation of documents. Gives the ability to monitor content throughout its life cycle and track changes in the content and user content. Content sharing, security, versioning, management of life through content, process management, collaboration, e-mail notification are just some of the features on which it is safer and more efficient use of existing DMS instead of File System. 

To access the system does not need any client software, but after the initial setup of Alfresco Web Client to access the system using a web pretraživača.Može be used TFPI, WebDAV, CIFS (network share), and there, and Office plug-in that allows you to access directly from Office packages (Word, Excel and Power Point)


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